Tom Brady Breaks 7 Glass Ceilings While Liberals Cry Lady Gaga Performance was Political

The GOAT Tom Brady Breaks the Glass Ceiling When Everyone Doubted Him!!! But watch out, CNN might tell you Russia hacked the Super Bowl!

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Rob stopped watching sports because of his miserable failure in the 2008 Super Bowl…

But this was just amazing, he’s got a knack for letting the other team hit him until they tire, then striking while they’re down!

Gotta love that shit!

Rob feels for all the demoncrats who made this a white v. black issue or a political battle… it’s football.

“It’s a game! Politics has no place in the NFL. And I feel for anyone who sees the two as one in the same.”

So many records broken!

  1. Five Super Bowl rings – most by a QB
  2. Most pass attempts (62)
  3. Most completions (43)
  4. Most passing yards (466)
  5. Fourth Super Bowl MVP – passes Joe Montana for most all-time
  6. First QB with three Super Bowl fourth-quarter comebacks
  7. 10 game-winning drives in the postseason – most all-time

    But you know how we do it here in the Dirty SoCal…

We sniffed out the troll, and this time, it’s the Washington Post

February 3, 2017, Luke O’Neill, a writer in Boston, wrote the article;

Rooting for Tom Brady used to be easy. Until Donald Trump came along.

The agony of being a New England Patriots fan who didn’t vote for the president.

Hey Curt, I don’t like that guy Tommy you brought over last week…
IDK how I feel about you now either, come to think of it…

Are you fucking kidding me?

This guy writes in response to Tom’s decision to stay out of the political conversation:

Tom Brady said: “If people want to take sides, you know, they can obviously do that,” – “It’s everyone’s right. They have a right to do that. And I have a right to stay out of it, too.”

WaPo: “When it comes to Trump, no one can be apolitical. “

What? The guy is a professional athlete.
He competes at a level higher than anyone other than Olympians…

This guy goes on to say
“Tom Brady looks like a loser. Tom Brady looks like a coward.”

He even goes on to admit he understands his heroes don’t necessarily think like he does… but calls it strange that Donald Trump announced that he got a call from Tom letting him know he just voted for him.

So what? Trump probably asked if he could tweet it and brady probably agreed. You know what’s funny, everyone that voted for Hillary, was blatantly and disgustingly open about it.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

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