Rob Drives Through LA on Snowflake March Day – Drops Wisdom on Crabs in a Bucket Mentality

Hey guys, didn’t expect this to be so long, I ffwd through as much as I could.
Feel free to watch through or jump around…

0:52 – Traffic on the way to Downtown Los Angeles
1:16 – I drove the old car in case anyone wants to set it on fire
1:45 – Curt gave orders not to get out of the car… so let’s take a drive.
2:28 – This parking lot is never this full!
3:35 – BMW Peels Out – MURICA!
5:00 – First pile of trash from protesters
5:30 – Approaching Olive Street
6:00 – Pershing Square
6:47 I SEE DEMONCRATS! They’re everywhere, but not like they were just hours earlier.
Did they all get tired and go home? Keep watching for a bus full of sleepy protesters!
7:56 Hunting Down Demoncrats!
8:30 Hipsters!
8:56 City Hall – Maybe 1,000 people? Not a lot going on!
10:19 ROBS RANT! If you watch anything in this video, WATCH THIS PART!!!
11:25 Call me whatever you want… Bullying isn’t going away and you’re not helping, Madonna!
11:54 Stop acting like crabs in a bucket. Nobody is coming down to your level!
12:35 There will always be people ahead of you and behind you, RAISE THE BAR, DON’T LOWER IT!
Sidenote If the reported 750,000 people gave just $6 each to fund putting the homeless population into hotels for the following days rain storm, instead of marching, that would have put ALL 82,000 homeless in Los Angeles in a Motel 6 for the night!
Sidenote Had that 750,000 people given ONLY ONE DOLLAR, $1 each, to just homeless veterans, we would be a lot closer to never saying those two words together again.

13:17 – DAMN IT! Jeff Zucker was supposed to get punched. I think he edited himself out, that sneaky bastard!
13:52 I love L.A. You guys need to quit fuckin it up with your “Everyone gets a trophey” mentality
14:21 Back to the Belly of the Beast in 1080p – Less Overheating than 4K
15:12 I thought the bridge to Skid Row was closed, it wasn’t!
16:20 Crossing the 1st Street Bridge, Not much going on over here at all!
17:15 Robs Rant – How You Gonna Fight For Equality by not fight for the people that fought for your right to do so!
While your busy with Russia and still cheering on Hillary, thousands of homeless vets are sleeping in the rain the night after this video was shot.
You’d respect Trump if he wasn’t so sensitive? Sure… we’ll respect you when you admit Hillary was a mistake!
18:30 Turning right on Boyle
18:45 Can we make it back to the bridge from here?
19:00 No Running red lights today!
19:25 Line of cops on freeway blocked by traffic from the left!
20:00 I get very inpatient at traffic lights when people don’t go on green!
21:11 You can see the guys on the bridge flying their drones… seems the cops were assisting them in their shoot by blocking traffic. Sorry guys!
21:55 More filming on the island to the left, haha again, the left!
22:10 If you like video games and drinking, and you’re in LA, you need to check this place out!
22:50 I think I could have gotten out of the car Curt! Now I just don’t want to pay for parking! It’s a march of women and pussy men who bow to them!
23:18 We can’t all be winners guys! Someone has to lose for there to be a winner.
24:00 Two people getting arrested. Goes silent on purpose, slowed down video, not sound there.
24:28 3rd & Spring Street. Female carrying sign that reads: SUCK MY DICK
25:08 Looks like the biggest group of snowflakes was on Broadway, how appropriate!
That sound… remember, 1:16 – This car is old but it’s a beast!
25:21 I can’t sing good, but I tried!
25:49 More cops on another freeway, under our bridge!
26:42 Back to the parking lot. Trump Won, Madonna, Fuck You!
27:14 Sleepy Demoncrats on their bus back to Santa Barbara. Enjoy this liberal bullshit!
27:48 I feel so bad for the kids that get put through this nonsense!
30:50 Like Share Subscribe, Welcome Back to America!

Author: Dirty SoCal

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