Burn Hollywood Burn STFU Celebrities & Get Over Yourself Meryl Streep! – Episode 12

Hey guys! Welcome to the Belly of the Beast!

We’ve been doing this for about a month now and we thank each and every one of you Dirty Deplorables for your support and encouragement to keep DSN!

We know we’re a few days behind on this one, but we wanted to see if Nobama brought it up in his farewell speech…
Since he didn’t, we’ll get to him in a minute…

Meryl Streep – What happened:

She perpetuated the lie that Trump mocked a disabled person saying it hooked it’s teeth into her heart.

Then twitter blew up from both sides of the fence and a bunch of YouTubers debunked that liberal lie, yet again!

Not sure what the lie is?

Well, on the surface, it may look like Trump singled out this retarded reporter…

In fact, this is a common Trump mockery, of anything he deems retarded. It’s like a tick…

The hypocrisy is insane on this one!

Trump has a tick that makes him retarded when he does it, while the left calls him an inconsiderate asshole for having a tick!

If #Streep cares so damn much about disabled people, why no mention of the handicapped white guy in Chicago? Getting picky with your retards are ya, Meryl?

Then Trump sent a tweet saying how overrated Meryl is…

Then irrelevant George Clooney came out from under his rock to her rescue by asking Trump

Aren’t you supposed to be running the country?

No YOU DIPSHIT! He’s not president yet.

The next dickhead we’re going to talk about is supposed to be running the country, and not into the ground like he has been!

See what I did there, Has Been… cuz Obama is about to join all his Has-Been SJWs from Hollywood!

Curt, can we get a black guys perspective on Obama’s relationship with Hollywood?

Well, you know he bought a house in California… right?

Ya, I heard… so you’re saying he’ll be closer to his homies?
And he’s actually going to live in the Dirty SoCal?
Well, he’ll be in super clean, white SoCal!

Curt goes off about Moloch n shit…
This is not a Pizza Gate episode though, so…

Hollywood, if you want people to continue to watch your shit… try to be more like Denzel and think for your damn self!

It’s easier to demonize someone based on what someone else said about them than it is to take the time to see if what they said is true.

Stay Deplorable America!

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Author: Dirty SoCal

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