A Google Search for Racism – Episode 13

What Happens When You Google Racism?

Wikipedia says Racism is

Discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity.

Websters, Oxford, ADL and GlobalIssues.org say the same thing in different words…


The Huffington Post has a page dedicated to racism!
Along with an article titled “Here Are 13 Examples Of Donald Trump Being Racist”

Salon.com has an article titled: 10 ways white people are more racist than they realize
This article is such an abomination collaboration of big liberal names, but not what I’m looking for.

CNN says Roughly half of all Americans say racism is “a big problem” in society today

They also have a link that says: Go ahead, admit you’re a racist…
That links to a bunch of celebrities that admitted to and apologized for racially based comments…
It’s definitely a fun read if you want to make yourself throw up!

Curt’s Jewels

You know how a prism works?
Ya, light goes in, colors come out.

Most people fall into the prison of thinking they are the prism.
And they think everyone who sees them, sees the reflected color…
Instead of the light that is that persons energy, spirit and soul…

And finally, Rob found what he saw the other day…

The Washington Post, September 7, 2016…

Titled – It’s time to stop talking about racism with white people!
Subtitle – No more arguing with disingenuous folks who have nothing to lose.

“Hey man, you wouldn’t go to a cancer rally shouting ‘All diseases matter,’ would ya?”
No, but then again, cancer charities and organizations, don’t block freeways to “get their point across”

“Hey Scottie, ‘Save the rain forest’ doesn’t mean ‘Kill all the other forests.’ ”
Actions speak louder than words Scottie. Sorry Chicago, but…
Blacks are killing each other way faster than anyone is cutting down a forest!

“Hey Kip, when a house is burning, you don’t turn the fire hose on some non-burning house because #AllHousesMatter.”
No, but you also don’t call for the shooting of innocent cops because one of their peers did their job and shot somebody.

Then there’s the breakdown video of BLM –

I took the time to watch this ridiculous video so you don’t have to!

BLM was Started by

Alicia Garza – Activist
Patrisse Cullors – Friend who created #
Opal Tometi – Built website and bought domain name

They started a “movement” and an “organization” that they insist aren’t one in the same.
With more than 20 chapters around North America, the founders don’t control who uses the name.

It all started after George Zimmerman was acquitted for the shooting death of Treyvon Martin.

They SAY they want to:

  • Stop Police Brutality Against Blacks
  • End excessive policing in Black Communities
  • Make Law enforcement More Accountable

They SAY they speak out against:

  • Racial Inequality
  • Institutional Racism
  • Mass Incarceration in the US

Then Michael Brown was shot Shot for Stolen Cigarillos.

Really Happened: He robbed a gas station for cigarettes, assaulted a cop in a car, tried to grab cops gun, his hands were not up.
End of Day: The lie that made BLM a household name. Fuckin A!

This lead to Ferguson!

BLM continues to attach themselves to “high profile” crimes where black people are “attacked” by whites… we’ll get to those cases in a minute…

Critics Say

Tactics Too Heavy Handed
Relies Too Much on Social Media
Law Enforcement Blame BLM for Inciting Violence
Many Whites Say Movement is Not Inclusive #AllLivesMatter
Not Enough Focus on Street Violence

Lacks a Central Leader which will lead to the end of the movement..

HA! His name is George Soros
And since you all couldn’t get the job done,

You are all fired!

So… what other crimes has BLM leeched onto?

Eric Garner

Narrative: Choked Out for Selling Cigarettes
Really Happened: He resisted when a cop grabbed his arm and the cop overreacted, and wouldn’t let go.
End of Day: This guy shouldn’t be a cop… there’s no room for pussies who overreact.

Freddie Gray

Narrative: Killed for carrying a switch blade via a rough ride in the back seat on the way to the police station
Really Happened: He ran from police unprovoked, had 5 active charges at time of arrest,
arrested on weapons charges in high crime area, tested positive for opiates, half the cops were black, died from spinal injuries.
End of Day: Mistakes were made, but he was not killed for having a knife in his pocket. He’s not some innocent young black male.

Sandra Bland

Narrative: Murdered for traffic violation while in custody
Really Happened: She was a total bitch to the cops, she got arrested and committed suicide while in custody. The autopsy was consistent with suicide.
End of Day: Call it whatever you want… I still believe coroners… for now!

Philando Castile

Narrative: Shot for broken tail light.
Really Happened: Matched a description of an armed robbery suspect cops were looking for and was shot while reaching for wallet.
End of Day: There was literally more to this story. Good thing we waited for the facts to come out on this one, Charlotte…

Alton Sterling

Narrative: Shot for selling CDs.
Really Happened: Someone reported him threatening a homeless guy with a gun. He was tazed and continued to resist.  He also had a gun. Oh, and was a registered sex offender.
End of Day: Talk about misleading… nobody buys CDs any more!

Jamar Clark

Narrative: Shot for attending birthday party.
Really Happened: He assaulted his girlfriend, interferred with paramedics, wouldn’t show his hands, then reached for an officers gun.
End of Day: Boyfriend of the Year!

Walter Scott

Narrative: Shot for broken tail light.
Really Happened: He resisted arrest, reached for officers tazer then ran off as the cop shot him.
End of Day: This cop fucked up. Everyone agrees! AND, The officer was charged with murder, there was a mistrial and the family settled for $6.5 million December 2015!

Final Thoughts…

Racism is as real as you let it be. While BLM leeches onto this handful of stories that ended in the death of real lives, hundreds were lost to each other in Chicago last year alone. The idea that those lives weren’t lost because of race, makes them no less important nor less of a lost life.

It’s about fucking time we start talking about racism for what it is, and not what your precious mainstream media tells you it is.

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Adios Obama!
Bye Felicia!

Author: Dirty SoCal

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