10 Tips to Tell Black People from N***** – Episode 11 Part 2

So what you’re saying is BLM was the controlled left’s way of making it okay to hate white guys…

And this video is how they’re going to rebuild white people’s hate for black people? Am I hearing you right?

We don’t know how to fix this, but we do have some tips for you…

Here’s Curt’s 10 tips for how to tell the difference between black men and black women from Thug Ass, broke ass, baby mama drama, jobless…

Rob, they’re Niggers and Niggettes…

Curt’s Top 10 ways for White People to seperate Black Men and Women from Niggas:

  1. Black Men and Women do not wear pants hanging off their ass. That’s niggas
  2. Black Men and Women have a vast Vocabulary some of us like myself even speak multiple languages. Not Niggas
  3. Black Men and Women have don’t wear weaves, or blue hair, hot pink hair or fire engine red hair, the color greyskull hair. That would be niggettes.
  4. Black Men and Women do not wear color contacts, I’ve got brown eyes, god gave me brown eyes not blue. That’s niggettes who are trying be white? Hungh?
  5. Black Men and Women are quiet, you barely even know we are there most of the time, cause we know the stereotype, now Niggas on the other had, that’s a different story.
  6. Black Men and Women do not associate or affiliate themselves with Black Lives Matter in any way shape or form. that would be niggas.
  7. Black Men and Women drink actually do drink Wine, not 40’s and sizurp like niggas.
  8. Black Men and Women are well versed, well read individuals, not niggas, niggas are elergic to books and knowledge.
  9. Black Men and Women do not stay in the hood, they usually get the fuck out as soon as humanly possible. And most don’t return. But not the niggas, they can’t get enough of the hood, even if they get out, see Souja Boy for reference.
  10. Black Men and Women do not have facial tattoos, that would be niggas doing that dumb shit.

Stay safe America, Obama’s Legacy is coming for you!

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Author: Dirty SoCal

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